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You've found your way to my dark corner of the Universe, and I'm very happy you did; you can help me fight off some of the things that live here.


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Hey, I'm Steve.  Glad to meet you!

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I am a big fan of short stories and I enjoy writing horror short stories and other forms of dark speculative fiction. I am inspired by the works of Stephen King, Dean Koontz et al, but also by some great authors of the past, such as HP Lovecraft, Algernon Blackwood, WF Harvey and others.

This stems from being brought up on a steady diet of The Twilight Zone / Tales of the Unexpected / Tales from the Crypt. If you're too young to remember any of those shows, I strongly recommend you search them out.

You will see some of that influence in my second book, A Sinister Six, which I would describe as a collection of darkly disturbing, Lovecraft inspired short stories.  

Latest News

  • Die, Blossom, Bloom has risen up the Amazon rankings, reaching as high as #3 in the Suspense > Horror category. You can read Die, Blossom, Bloom for FREE.

  • 'Half a Loaf of Fiction' is now available for FREE. It's a huge 30k compendium of my fiction and includes three new short stories.

  • My collection 'A Sinister Six' will be going up in price at the end of May. Get it now for just 99p!

  • I'm currently recruiting for beta-readers for my next collection. If you're interested in providing me with your advice on some of the stories in my upcoming collection, get in touch using the CONTACT form.

'Half a Loaf of Fiction' is now FREE!

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What's inside?

  • TWO new short horror stories from my next book

  • ONE reworking of a classic fairy tale - Horror style!

  • Art and Inspiration from all SIX stories in 'A Sinister Six'.

  • Interview with Steve

  • Author test - have you got what it takes?

  • Everything you ever wanted to know about Steve but didn't care enough to ask

  • Spennyriver Dispatch - News from a fictional town in the Midlands

  • Spennyriver English - Learn to speak the lingo of this strange town

Horror short story Die, Blossom, Bloom

Horror and Dark Fiction


Steve Boseley

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